I'm Stefan

I'm a digital designer & content creator from Copenhagen, Denmark.

I have a masters degree in digital design and communication from the ITU, and work as an associate lecturer in web-related stuff at KEA.

I also run a small digital design studio, smallandnimble.studio, making the web a less boring place.

I'm not really into SoMe-stuff, but I love to shoot photos and videos. I occasionally post some of my misty, moody and imperfect shots on instagram and stefansview.dk. My just-for-fun video projects end up on youtube and skudtfrahoften.dk (danish only).

In my leisure time, I play padle tennis, go to the countryside, read and hang out with family and friends.

Family time in Legoland:-)

In brief, what I'm good at is:

  • Make websites (html, css, js, php & sql, frameworks like Tailwind, bootstrap & alpine.js)
  • Content Management & SEO-optimization (11ty, WordPress, Hugo, Grav...)
  • Make videos (shoot and edit in Premiere & DaVinci, no motion graphics)
  • Shoot and edit photos (lightroom & photoshop)
  • Copywriting for the web (in danish)
  • I sometimes design stuff in Figma and XD as well, but I prefer the "design-in-browser" approach.

Future improvements

I'd really like to combine all of this, and make some more documentary-based web projects. So I'm working on a couple of interactive stories:-)

Take a look at some of the things I've made:

Humletekst.dk: A Lorem Beersum generator (in danish)
Stefangrage.dk: My former website/blog (danish) - working on a new one soon;-)
Overkbh.dk: A list of high-rises in Copenhagen (work in progres...)
Vildskud.dk: A small theater festival I'm helping with web stuff and photography/videography
Uhoert.dk: Festival videography:-)
Creative Mornings: Event videography & photography


Take a look at my CV on Linkedin, call me on +45 51331773 or send me an e-mail