Halloween in Tivoli

The Forces of Evil are taking over the streets today. Also in good old Tivoli.

I went to Tivoli in order to see the amusement park from its worst side: In Halloween disguise. And of course, I took the chance to take a couple of photos;-)

Panasonic GX800

Panasonic GX800 next to a credit card and an Olympus 45mm lens

I wanted to try the smallest interchangeable lens camera I have: A Panasonic Lumix GX800 (GX850 in the US). As far as I know, it is also one of the smallest interchangeable lens cameras on the market at all.

I combined the camera with a Panasonic Summilux 15mm f/1.7 and an Olympus 45mm f/1.8. If the crop factor of 2 for a micro four thirds camera is taken into consideration, You get a focal length of 30mm and 90mm, respectively, in full-frame equivalents. So a wide angle and a tele lens.

It is one of the first times I’ve really used the camera, despite having had it for a year or two. I only got to take a bit more than a hundred photos, as my 5 year old son, Felix, kept dragging me from one end of the park to the other.

First impressions

But it was enough to get a good first impression of using the camera: It was nicely compact, and worked ok for taking daily life snapshots. But I really missed a viewfinder in the bright sun, and focus was a bit off a couple of times. Back home again, I found the micro SD card a little annoying. I’d rather have an SD card which I can put directly into my computer.

So: The camera performed ok, and it works well as a supplement to a mobile phone. But I’d personally upgrade to a Panasonic Lumix GX80 – the slightly more expensive version, in order to get a viewfinder, a flash hot shoe and a full size SD…

Anyways, if You just want to see the images from Tivoli, You can look through the gallery below:-)

  • Tivolis main entrance
  • People in Tivoli, Halloween
  • Zombies in Tivoli, Halloween
  • An old witch in Tivoli, Halloween
  • The view from the Rasmus Klump playground
  • The tower on the H.C. Andersen castle in Tivoli
  • The pirate ship in Tivoli, Halloween
  • Art in Tivoli, Halloween
  • A roller coaster in Tivoli, Halloween
  • Crazy rides in Tivoli, Halloween
  • Felix watches the people in the rides, Tivoli, Halloween
  • A roller coaster passes by, Halloween in Tivoli
  • Mirror, mirror on the ceiling... Halloween in Tivoli
  • The Arcade - Halloween in Tivoli
  • A game corner in Tivoli, Halloween
  • A game corner in Tivoli, Halloween
  • Smøgen in Tivoli, Halloween in Tivoli
  • Halloween in Tivoli
  • Halloween in Tivoli
  • The ferris wheel in Tivoli, Halloween

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