Bomans Lomo Universe

Sunday morning, I’m eating a jam-and-butter bread roll. Sandra has put on a playlist with indifferent background music. But suddenly, a song catches my attention.

“Which song is it?”

“Waiting with Alice Boman, a swedish singer,” she answers.

During the next couple of months, I listen to Alice Boman on Spotify now and then. And then the thought hits me: Is she going to play a concert nearby soon?

I find my way to, surf a bit on her web site, Instagram– and Youtube accounts. And it is exactly my taste: It looks like a homage to the lomo aesthetics, where imperfections and errors are seen as something positive and evocative.

Screendump of the landing page on
Alice Boman on Youtube
Alice Boman on Youtube
Alice Boman on Instagram
Alice Boman on Instagram

My curiosity is aroused, and I delve a bit further into who Alice Boman is.

Alice Boman

Alices musical career as a solo artits started by a bit of a coincidence. She had made a demo in her home in Malmö. Adrian Records, a record label, got hold of the demo, and liked it just as it was, unpolished and with imperfections.

Since then, Boman has become more and more popular, and her music has been used in several film- and tv-productions, ie. Suits, Papertown and Transparent.

Coincidences, imperfections and hips shots are also some of the pillars of the lomo aesthetic. And Boman really uses those to her advantage. Let’s have a look at a couple of examples. has a very simple, flat information architecture (structure) – there’s a home page and six sub pages. No information overload.

Screendump of the "video" page on
The “video” page on
Screendump of the "discography" page on
The “discography” page on

The web site looks somewhat home made, but it is nicely responsive and kept up to date. It is made with Squarespace, and my best guess is that the non-designed aesthetics is a deliberate choice. It fits the music well – I like it.

Photos and videos

Boman really uses the lomo aesthetics on her gallery page,, and on her Instagram account. As far as I can see, (some of) the images are shot on film: There’s no EXIF-data (camera info) on the images. Nice!

Screendump of the gallery page on
Screendump of the gallery page on

The videos aren’t mainstream either. Have a look at “Waiting,” for example, which looks as if it was shot from the hip from the beginning to the end. The framing is somewhat different than what we’re used to, and the highest quality is 720p. It is from 2013, but still… 1080p was the standard back then… Anyways: Nice:-)

Alice Boman – Waiting

Final thoughts

Boman is visiting Copenhagen soon – the 15th of february 2020. A little, intimate concert at Hotel Cecil. I’ve bought tickets, and am looking forward to briefly enter her audio visual universe. There’s still tickets left – I hope to see You there;-)

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