10,000 days until retirement. A nice, round number. It doesn’t sound like much, so I think it’s a nice thing to celebrate. And I also look forward to it;-) But… If i translate it into “30 years and 5 months,” it sounds a lot worse… And that’s also if I retire at the age of 67….

The danish society expect me to retire when I’m 71-72. So in order to retire early, I have to make a couple of extra savings. In my household budget, I’ve calculated with a retirement age of 67. But can I stick to the budget? And will I retire at 67? Or later?

That depends on a series of factors: How will my physical condition be? And my brain? The working morale? And my economoy? And what about the job market? Is it ready for an old version of me in the future? And what about Sandra (my wife)? She is nine months younger than me. Am I going to wait 9 months, so we can retire at the same time?

I imagine that I’d like to be partially retired when I’m 67. Hell yeah, It would be great to be partially retired now. A work load of 15-20 hours each week every day seems like a good idea. That would provide a nice work-life balance the entire life. But I can’t do that at the time being. I’m too poor.

Under all circumstances: I’ve found my interest a long time ago: To make small photo- and video projects, and publish them online. I can do that for the rest of my life, and probably make a dime on it now and then. In consequence, I don’t think that much about retirement yet.

For me, the nice thing about retirement would be the unconditional freedom to pick and choose as I like: If I was retired, I would probably do the same as today: Photograph, make small videos, make a website now and then, host a workshop and so on. I just wouldn’t do it each and every day at 08.30 in the morning;-)

What about You – what are Your thoughts about retirement?

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