Motherfucking Websites

A couple of years ago, I came across a website with an excellent combination of design and content: The site is still online, and it’s still great:-)

Screendump of
Screendump of is text only, and the design is pure html. So, I guess it’s fair to call it a non-designed content first website. But the content is great: A funny, satiric critique of web sites oversaturated with graphics and bling bling. In short, a critique of all the things I like in web design;-)

But it makes a great point: We as designers and developers are typically the ones to blame for all the problems in modern web design. When we introduce all the bling bling, bells and whistles in our solutions, we typically also introduce technical- or usability wise problems. got popular in web design circles, and a response quickly showed up: And this is where the debate gets really interesting.

Screendump of
Screendump of shows how to improve design and readability with only sevens lines of CSS, and thereby improving usability considerably.

Since then, a lot of different “motherfuckingwebsites” have been made, each one adressing different issues with modern web design- and development:

So, take a tour of the motherfucking websites, enjoy the content, and let it be an inspiration. And think about it next time You make a 25MB Bootstrap-jQuery-parallax-one-pager with lots of images and background videos;-)

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