Dynamite Surfing

Back to 2007: Social media and viral videos were two of the big buzzwords in the ad industry. And it was also the year where one of the most succesful Danish viral web campaigns hit the market: Dynamite Surfing.

Dynamite Surfing – a viral hit

The video was produced by Saatchi & Saatchi Denmark, and was an advert for the Australian surfer clothes brand, Quicksilver. Youtube was a relatively new thing, and had just celebrated its first birthday when the video was added. But it went fast anyways: 60,000 hits in 6 minutes, 2 million hits in two days, and 11 million hits the first month.

The video got so popular that Myth Busters took on the challenge: Is it possible to surf on dynamite based waves? Spoiler alert: It isn’t.

Mythbusters investigates: Is it possible to surf on dynamite waves?

The success stirred a lot of discussion about the new possibilities with online marketing. The saying was that advertising could be done with virtually no budget. The most important thing was to have a great idea…

However, a “behind the scenes” video surfaced on Dynamite Surfings 10 year anniversary, revealing that the video wasn’t a small, cheap production: It took three days on four locations to film it, and a month of editing and post production. So, even if the idea was great, it wasn’t just a cheap, handheld video, made by young people on a weekend.

Anyways – that shouldn’t keep us from enjoying the video – it’s still great, and gives a funny little view of the advertising industry in the mid 2000’s. And as a last remark: It was perhaps not cheap, but it was probably a lot cheaper than a television campaign with the same reach:-)

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