The City Hall in a Heavy fog

A little flashback: Exactly 14 years ago, I took one of my favorite images: The Copenhagen City Hall in a Heavy Fog.

I lived in Amager and studied in Ballerup. I often commuted by bike – also on this foggy spring day. I had my trusty old camera with me: A Canon IXUS i with copper colored front. 4 Megapixels and all the bells and whistles. I loved that camera.

Canon Digital IXUS i
Canon Digital IXUS i by David Gerard [Public domain], Wikimedia Commons

The City hall had a Sherlock Holmes vibe going on, so I stopped in order to get a couple of snapshots. No technical thoughts – just point and shoot. But I really like the snapshot, especially because of the lonely cyclist.

The picture has been hangning on my wall, printed in A4, for about a decade. So I hope You will also enjoy it:-)

The Copenhagen City Hall in a Heavy Fog, 2006

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