I started making movies with my friends in elementary school, just for fun. This continued for about a decade. After high school, I studied moviemaking half a year, but didn’t want to pursue a career in it. Instead, I went on to study commercial engineering.

During the studies, I always tried turning projects in a “photography, videography or digital design” direction. So, after a couple of Years in business, I went back to school in order to pursue a masters degree in digital design and communication at the IT-University of Copenhagen, where I specialized in digital aesthetics.

Nowadays, I mainly work as a freelancer within photography, videography and content creation, as well as a teacher at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA).

In my photography, videography and content creation work, I often experiment with the aesthetics in order to get a raw and unpolished look. This is often done by using alternative and imperfect camera techniques, play with glitches, alternative equipment, light leaks, analog processes as well as digital tools. In brief: I prefer to make positive stories with lots of atmosphere:-)

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