Ørestad C – Day to Night

I set up a project-case with the property investor KLP ejendomme in continuation of a couple of video-workshops at KEA. The main challenge in the case was to tell stories about Ørestad, in order to display them on KLPs outdoor screen at Kay Fiskers Plads in Ørestad.

The screen was large (7,2 m x 3,8 m), but had a low resolution (900 x 480 pixels), no sound, and each video was limited to a size of 100MB. Furthermore, the screen was standing in harsh daylight, right in front of Ørestad metro station. So, how to catch the viewers attention, even just for a short amount of time?

I personally went out with Morgan Grage in order to make a little video about Ørestad C. Morgan studies multimediadesign at KEA. And yeas, there’s something with the name: We are from the same family;-) We chose to focus on the transition from day to night in the new city development district.

The video was shown on the outdoor screen at Kay Fiskers Plads in Ørestad C summer/fall 2019.